Trying to Get Fit Again

As much as I wanted to go to the gym today, the bad weather cancelled everything that I wanted to do. I even did not let my daughter go to school today because I don’t want her to get sick. So, we just stay here at home. Good thing the rain stopped already so I think I have to go to the gym later. I really wanted to get back my body in shape again. Its been awhile that I haven’t did my workout and exercise at the gym.

I noticed that my bulging tummy is showing again. Gosh! I really need to get rid of these bulging thingy because my mom and her boyfriend will arrive next week. I have to look good and fit since we will accompany them wherever they go on their holiday. There will be lots of photo shoots so I have to look sexy without hiding my flabby arms and protruding belly aside from the fact that I have to wear my swimsuit LOL!

Relaxation and Wellness


My mom and her boyfriend enjoyed their romantic weekend  together as they went to Schwarzwaldhotel Adler in Häusern, Germany and had their wellness and relaxation. I’m glad to know that they spent some time to relax and unwind themselves from stress. They really need that since they are too much busy with their work.

Relaxation and wellness actually go hand in hand. Perhaps the single most important thing that you can do for your overall health and well being is to learn to relax. Sometimes a little time away is just what you need. A time and a place just for you where you can put your busy life aside and just be yourself.

I hope you’ll  also find some time to relax, renew and experience the tranquility for yourself because relaxation is truly an important key in living a happier and healthier life.

DaVinci Tool: The Do-Nothing Hand Held Massager

The DaVinci tool, a hand held massager that lets you do almost nothing while getting massaged.

 A simple massage can do wonders for a tired and stressed out body. Aside from providing relief and relaxation, massages can also specifically target sore muscles, enhance your body’s immune system, improve your skin, alleviate your mood by lessening depression and anxiety and releasing endorphins, increase your energy, enhance the quality of your sleep, improve concentration and circulation, and reduce fatigue.

 Because of the many benefits of massage, a lot of people regularly go to massage therapists and some also have their own hand held massagers at home. These hand held massage tools will allow you to have a good quality massage without the help of a massage therapist. You can easily view different hand held massagers and purchase them online as well at You will find a wide selection of massage accessories such as massage rollers, back massagers, massage balls, and many more.


One of these massage accessories that is worth noting is the DaVinci Tool, a trigger point massager. The tight tender spots in contracted muscles are called trigger points and massage therapists work on releasing these trigger points by applying pressure on them. These trigger points are areas where there are decreased circulation and pain caused by increased nerve sensitivity. When pressure is applied on these trigger points, the pain is decreased or eliminated totally. The DaVinci Tool is a hand held massager that is specifically designed to target trigger points in your body.


There are many reasons why the DaVinci Tool Soft Trigger Point Occipital Neck Massager is among the best hand held massagers you can have. Below are just some of these benefits.

  • Small and compact. The DaVinci Tool is very small and easy to use so you can even bring it with you even when you are travelling.
  • Relieve pain. It can easily help relieve neck pain, headache pain, chronic pain, muscle spasms, and stiffness.
  • Easily target hard-to-reach areas. The DaVinci Tool is specifically designed for very little movement from you. You can easily put it on a part of your body and then rely on your weight to put pressure on the specific area you are targeting.


How To use

The DaVinci Tool is one of the easiest to use among other hand held massagers. You will not have to learn any strokes or technique to be able to use it effectively. Below is a guide to help you.

1.       Place the DaVinci tool at the top of your neck and base of your skull.

2.       Lie back and relax. You may adjust the position of the DaVinci tool to where you feel it is most effective.

3.       You may do the same for almost any part of your body such as your lower back, your sides, your thighs, and many more.

Shopping Can Be Healthy

Why do us girls love to go shopping? well, as a shopaholic myself, I just love the thrill of looking for something that I would like to buy. Shopping is a necessary way for me to follow trends and stay up to date too. It also serves as my pleasurable hobby. It’s really fun and for shopping lovers like me knows where the bargains are and how to find them, it becomes a great way to spend some enjoyable time.

Did you know that shopping also does wonders for a woman’s health and helps her live longer? Research have proven that those women who shopped almost everyday are more likely to live longer than the average women. You can get some benefits just by shopping and walking since walking 20 minutes everyday helps strengthen your heart and increases your lifespan. Women who also shop with a company of other women just like what we did together with my fellow mommy friends  helps build social bonds and communication.

Shopping also helps maintain a positive self image specially if you have a good bargaining skills and picking up a flattering outfit make you feel good about yourself . Whether you are shopping for yourself or buying gifts for others, the end result is you feel good in it. That’s why women shop when they are stressed out or if their having a bad day. Shopping helps  us to have a good mood feeling that’s why we get a happy high, right ladies?


What’s a Healthy Deal?

Who doesn’t want some good deals online? of course we all do specially for frugal mom’s like me who loves to shop using coupons and vouchers. I’m glad I have found Healthy Deals Philippines which is an awesome group buying site where I could find some good deals about health and wellness.

The site created a unique social shopping platform for deals for our convenience where we could check out the most awesome deals at unprecedented savings from all our local health, beauty and wellness products and services providers.

Their deals are not only good for our health but also for our wallet. They help us in bringing the best deals on health options and wellness program to keep us in shape with less hassle on our pockets. I would like to try this Glow Antioxidant Capsule and Glow Herbal Juice from Business People Inc. which is valued at P250 each instead of P500. Wow! isn’t that a great healthy deal?

Now here’s an interesting deals for us bloggers because is also giving us a nice treat with its bloggers raffle contest. You can win a brand new Apple iPad2 by blogging about Healthy Deals Philippines. You do not only get to spread the word about this new group buying site but you can also be rewarded as well. This contest will run until October 20, 2011 so that’s until today.

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Wellness & Spa Treatment

Wellness spa treatment offers you the best pleasures in life because it makes you feel more relaxed and feel refreshed all day long.It is a wonderful place to relax, as it provides you with a good resting place and some health practitioners are there to assist you. This kind of treatment also offers all types of massages to loosen up your body, and so you can go to sleep after wards feeling so relaxed.

So if you feel the need to relax after all the grueling hours at work, you better visit a wellness spa center now, and experience the best pampering treatment ever, in order for your body and mind to feel revitalized.