Zumba Fitness for Weight Loss

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Dancing is another way to lose weight without the need to hit the gym every day and do an intensive cardio workout. Among other dance crazes, Zumba is the best dance that Ive known where you can practice day by day if you want to lose tons of weight. The weight loss benefits of Zumba have been proven and tested and a lot those who lost weight vow on its effectiveness.

Ive been planning to do some zumba fitness here in our place since I want to try something new and I want to try how zumba fitness works in losing my weight. Ive learned that Zumba fitness for weight loss works once you’ve got your music playing you get going into a rhythmic dance which burns off calories and helps you lose weight. This provides a good cardiovascular workout. The more muscle you develop, the faster your metabolism will work and, ultimately, the more calories you will burn.

Zumba weight loss is very effective in inducing discipline and fun into your fitness program as normal exercise can get very boring and repetitive, yet Zumba is different every time you do it and will actually make you want to do more. Going to Zumba weight loss classes is advantageous to the workout program too as you will meet like minded people who want to lose weight and also enjoy Zumba weight loss. Yay! I am really excited to try it!

Lose the Bulge and Get a Flat Stomach

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You may noticed that there are a lot of advertisements for fad diets and pills that promise a flat stomach in weeks. But the truth is, you’re only losing muscle and bone mass instead of fat. To safely lose fat from your entire body, you must use a combination of diet and exercise to burn calories more each day than you consume. You’ll lose a pound per week and improve your overall health and fitness.

What is the best thing to do? You must do at least 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous cardio activity at least five days per week. Walk, jog, run, swim, dance, do a gym workout or take an aerobics class. In order to get a flat stomach, you need to focus on your core, including your outer abs, transverse abs, obliques and back. You may noticed that after you lose weight through your cardio exercise and diet, you will have a sleek and toned tummy muscles.

You also need to cut calories from your diet. Eat lean proteins, such as chicken instead of beef and pork. Choose whole grain bread and pasta instead of processed varieties, and select low fat or fat free dairy products. Reduce the amount of fat and sugar you consume. Have fresh vegetables for snacks and fruit for dessert.

And most of all, be patient and diligent in your efforts. Losing weight takes time and attention. As long as you continue burning more calories each day than you consume, you will continue to lose weight, so stay motivated and you will see the results.

Before and After: My Weight Loss Pic


After a month of my persistent and vigorous exercise at the gym, I finally achieved my goal in losing my weight. I weigh 132 lbs. before and after one month, I am now 124 lbs which means that I lost 8 pounds. Woohoo! I am so happy of my achievement. All I can say is that its not that easy to lose weight.

However, if you have the courage, hard work and determination, you can easily reach your goal.  Along with proper diet and controlling what you eat, I can prove that exercise is really a great tool if you want to get back your body in shape.

I am now on my body firming program where I concentrate on the body parts that needs to be firmed and toned like my abs, arms, buttocks, thighs and legs.  Doing my workout and exercise at the gym has been a part of my daily routine that’s why I will continue doing it in order to maintain my body figure.  ^_^


Sauna Suits to Lose Weight?

I never heard of a clothing sauna before until a friend of mine told me about the benefits of wearing it. She told me that a clothing sauna is specially designed to reduce the weight of the body as it burns more fuel to help eliminate those toxic substances from your system.

She added that when you wear Sauna Suits, you will experience a short term weight loss due to the fact that you’ve been sweating profusely and have depleted your body’s water supplies. Some people use a sauna suit in combination with a body wrap. Its heat trapping properties maximize the effects of this treatment.

She’s also using sauna suits in order for her to stay warm. I think its good for outdoor activities in cold weather since it holds in your body heat. I better look for a sauna suit today to try its effectiveness if it could really help in losing my weight so I could get back my body in shape.

One Hot Sexy Momma


I was so amazed when I saw my cousin’s photo shoots from a professional photographer. Now I am enticed to have a photo shoot too. My cousin is also a body conscious like me. I remember when we had a lose weight challenge before where one of us could win a cash prize courtesy of my mom. The winner will be chosen if she lose her weight after a month. I won that challenge before but I think now if we are going to start another challenge maybe my cousin will win. hehehe! Just look at her gorgeous looking body. I can see her effort in getting back her body in shape.

She’s really a one hot momma! do you agree with me? I’m so happy for her because she gained back her confidence in wearing her sexy clothes again. I have seen her weight loss effort in doing gym exercises, watching her diet and also taking  some diet supplements. Way to go cuz! Keep up the good work.