One Hot Sexy Momma


I was so amazed when I saw my cousin’s photo shoots from a professional photographer. Now I am enticed to have a photo shoot too. My cousin is also a body conscious like me. I remember when we had a lose weight challenge before where one of us could win a cash prize courtesy of my mom. The winner will be chosen if she lose her weight after a month. I won that challenge before but I think now if we are going to start another challenge maybe my cousin will win. hehehe! Just look at her gorgeous looking body. I can see her effort in getting back her body in shape.

She’s really a one hot momma! do you agree with me? I’m so happy for her because she gained back her confidence in wearing her sexy clothes again. I have seen her weight loss effort in doing gym exercises, watching her diet and also taking  some diet supplements. Way to go cuz! Keep up the good work.