Control Emotional Eating

I find that for people who struggle with sticking to a plan of action, or staying motivated with their health goals and who also struggle with addictive eating habits, addressing both the current and often hidden past accumulation of stress is absolutely critical in achieving lasting success with health goals.

For addictive habits like binge eating and emotional eating, I would agree that emotional stress is a primary contributor as well. You have to know how to stop emotional eating and stop overeating if you want to lose weight and keep it off successfully.

Emotional eating and overeating can’t really satisfy an insatiable appetite anyway. And whether or not you’ve been trying to use emotional eating to soothe feelings of stress, depression, loneliness, frustration or boredom, in the long run, overeating to feed those feelings only makes them worse.

But learning how to stop overeating and control emotional eating can support healthy permanent weight loss and make you feel powerful. You probably already know that overeating high-fat, high-calorie, sweet, salty and unhealthy bad carbs won’t fill that empty void inside for long.

Most of us learn emotional eating at a very young age. We get into the habit of using food to sooth stressful feelings, alleviate boredom, reward and comfort ourselves, boost our sprits and celebrate with others.But even though almost everyone’s overeating, you don’t have to.

Understanding the connection between emotions and eating reveals how behavior can impact weight. Becoming aware of the impact that emotional eating may play in a weight-loss attempt is the first step. If emotional eating is an issue, developing ways to cope without food is vital for lasting weight loss.

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Elderly Care

Caring for an aging parent, an elderly spouse or a close friend presents difficult challenges. Every situation with care for elderly in home is unique and different but there are common tips to consider such as educating yourself about care giving and caregiver duties. Some of the preparations of care for elderly in home must clearly be done before an elderly loved one moves in with you. Or, if they are remaining at home, then assess and take action right away. With the right approach and resources, it is very possible to care for elderly in home for a long time.

It is a care givers job to encourage and give care for the elderly at home. The senior health and elderly problems, including memory and mood, are much better when living with loved ones, having a good nutrition, social interaction, personal supervision, and even mental stimulation.


Caring for older adults also means you need to choose the right products and supplies such as bed rails for elderly in order to meet often the medical and comfort needs. The right products can help older adults to stay mobile, prevent falls and injuries and remain comfortable and healthy. Cost and safety are important considerations in choosing and purchasing products for elderly care.

If you want to know more about the elderly care living arrangements which are available for your loved one and you also want to know about the appropriate nursing care plans, you can check out parent giving to access the community elder care resources near you.

Lose These Belly Fat

Gosh! these issue of health improvement and weight loss is a continual topic of discussion because many individuals  including myself are concerned on how to lose belly fat and achieve a status of good health that they can make a lifestyle. While some may believe that fad diets and extreme exercise are the only way to eliminate belly fat, well this is actually not the case. In order to become effective when it comes to short term weight loss, you and I need to focus on the important changes we can make that can really help us discover how to reduce belly fat.

First things first is the food because our food choices are absolutely crucial to our weight loss. If you really want to lose stomach fat you have to get rid of the processed foods, the fats and the sugar. All of these foods will rapidly increase your blood sugar levels and can lead to weight gain. Ive been trying to fill my diet with fat burning foods such as lean protein, vegetables and fruits.

Next is to do some cardiovascular exercise to burn that excess fat that your body is storing. I usually start with walking, and then jogging to  running. Adding interval workouts into your routine is a great way to make your workouts calorie and time effective.

I’m also trying my best to make my habits  a healthy one.  I change things like lack of sleep, excessive overeating, and unhealthy diet choices with drinking water, eating an abundance of fruits and vegetables, exercise, and more meals cooked from home.


A Wise and Valuable Investment for your Health


We all need to be in good health in order to live a productive and rewarding life. However, we cannot deny the fact that the leading causes of death worldwide are heart disease, stroke and cancer. But the good news is that these diseases are preventable and highly treatable when detected early through a comprehensive health or check-up.

I do believe that prevention is the key.Thanks to the medical hospitals who are there to maintain our health and well being as it provides individual treatment to restore lasting health. I’m glad to know that some hospitals provides outpatient program that provides a quick and accurate health analysis.

Tests include blood chemistry, CBC, Hepatitis B screening, chest X-rays and five-organ ultrasound exam.That’s what my mom’s boyfriend Markus (photo above) did when he went to the hospital and had an ultrasound check up for his liver. A medical check-up is indeed a wise and valuable investment for your health.

Leptospirosis: A Deadly Disease

According to the news, the Department of Health in Northern Mindanao declared an outbreak of leptospirosis after eight persons here in the city of Cagayan de Oro and seven in Iligan City died of leptospirosis while around 300 were confined in different hospitals. Several pharmacies also declared a shortage of the generic brand of Doxycycline, a prophylactic medicine and antibiotic against leptospirosis.

It was spurred by flash floods that ravaged villages here in our city due to Tropical Storm Sendong. I thanked God that my family and I were able to bought lots of Doyxycline medicine a few days after the storm hits our place. We also got vaccinated from anti tetanus and also from this deadly disease. We are still busy cleaning up our house until today but we always think of our health first. It is better to be safe than sorry, right?

Leptospirosis is acquired not only from absorbing contaminated floodwaters through cuts in the skin but by swallowing the bacteria directly through food or water.Although the disease is commonly associated with rat urine, infection can also come from cattle, pigs, horses, dogs and wild animals.The disease’s wide range of symptoms begin with fever, chills, muscle pain, intense headache and may end up in meningitis and liver damage.

Always Sleepy Disorder

I don’t know why but I noticed that I always feel sleepy this time. It started when I’m having a reverse sleeping routine where I usually sleep at around 2 am dawn time and I wake up at around 10 am in the morning. I sleep for eight hours but I still wake up tired, groggy and unrefreshed.

Ive searched about this kind of sleeping disorder and I found out there is something  happening that prevents my body and brain from entering those deep, restorative levels of sleep. They call it Narcolepsy’s where its main symptoms are excessive sleepiness during the day  that cause people to fall asleep uncontrollably during normal waking hours.

I think I should do something about it and don’t just live with a sleep problem since it will be a sign of laziness and lack of motivation. I need to have a significant help with these always sleepy disorder  in order to keep being physically and mentally healthy.

Why Do We Need to Meditate?

Did you know that people who meditate everyday are many times happier than those who don’t? They’re also healthier and their sense of well-being is much greater . I have a meditator friend who shared to me her experience on how she live a life that’s stress free! She told me that with the help of meditation, she dramatically had a better mental health.

She has less anxiety, anger, depression and fear and she also has better human relationships,  made more friends and feel much more fulfilled in her life.  I think its also time for me spend some time for myself, be alone and meditate.  I want to get the overall sense of well being and get benefited from it in order to continue having that positive outlook in life. Perhaps a meditation program could help me on it.