Fasting to Lose Weight?

Our church music team is currently having their 3 days fasting in preparation for our upcoming concert. I also fast but I only did it for one day. I have tried fasting before for 3 days and we just stayed in the church. My fasting diet is only water and juice but I thanked God that I was able to survive it. For some people,they fast as a way to lose weight or to cleanse the body. Some fasting diets involve drinking nothing but water or eating only raw foods for a period of one or more days, while others restrict food on alternate days. Certain fasting diets only allow liquids like water, juice or tea and that’s what I usually do.

When you fast, your body is actually forced to dip into energy stores to get the fuel it needs to keep going, so you will lose weight. The big question is how long you will keep that weight off?  you will probably gain back the weight you lost and possibly even put on more weight when eating the same calories you did before the fast. Research has shown that fasting on alternate days can help people lose weight, but not for long. I think this one will one work out for me because people who followed an alternate day fasting diet shed weight, even when they ate all they wanted on the non-fasting days.