Keeping Your Body Healthy by doing Exercise


Whew! I felt so alive today because I just got back into my workout at the gym. I really missed doing my firming exercise routine since I got busy this past few weeks. Now that December is another busy month for me, not to mention there are lots of special gatherings like Christmas parties, reunions and more, I really need to look my best.

Ive been doing my exercise at the gym at least twice or thrice a week.  I noticed that when I can’t do my exercise, my body feels so weak and I could feel my aching muscles that really needs to do some stretching and workout.  I know that most of us are busy with our lives and we don’t have enough time to exercise, but I believe that it is important to find a way to get a little bit of exercise .  I am not saying you have to go to the gym or lift weights every day, but what I am  saying is anything is better than nothing!

Even a simple walk around your neighborhood , go grocery shopping or running errands is considered exercising. These may seem like basic steps and even not sound like you are exercising but you indeed are. This is why it is important to realize that the little things you do add up to be a lot when you stop and think about it. For body conscious people like me, exercise is all about losing weight  as it makes you look fit and trim, mobile and happy even as you get older.  The most important factor there is that it helps in optimizing your overall health.

One Hot Sexy Momma


I was so amazed when I saw my cousin’s photo shoots from a professional photographer. Now I am enticed to have a photo shoot too. My cousin is also a body conscious like me. I remember when we had a lose weight challenge before where one of us could win a cash prize courtesy of my mom. The winner will be chosen if she lose her weight after a month. I won that challenge before but I think now if we are going to start another challenge maybe my cousin will win. hehehe! Just look at her gorgeous looking body. I can see her effort in getting back her body in shape.

She’s really a one hot momma! do you agree with me? I’m so happy for her because she gained back her confidence in wearing her sexy clothes again. I have seen her weight loss effort in doing gym exercises, watching her diet and also taking  some diet supplements. Way to go cuz! Keep up the good work.